Complete 10 Dirham Mint Collection to come in-shaa-Allah

In .999 Pure Silver, 29.75g coin at 41mm Diameter to come, in sequential order:

▪️ Seal of Prophethood mint

▪️ Dawat-tut-Taamah mint

▪️ Khulafa-e-Rashidin Mints (with two Khulafa’s names etched on each side of the coin)

▪️ Ashra Mubashra mints (with two Sahaba (r.a.) names etched on each side of the coin

▪️ Mehr-e-Fatimi mint

▪️ Mehr-e-Azwaj mint

▪️ Mahdi (r.a) & Nabi Essa (a.s) mint (with each blessed personalities name etched on one side of the coin)

This will close of the collection of our 10 Dirham mint project in-shaa-Allah

“The command to eliminate Riba does not have any prior condition. Just like every other command. To say ‘I will not eat halal food until the arrival of the Khalifate’, is equally absurd.”

To be continued in’Shaa’Allah

Ihyaa-us-Sunnah | Revival of Sunnah