Dubai Islamic School - Competition Partnership

Sunnah Currency was delighted to sponsor the South African Islamic Centre of Dubai (SAIC) in Ramadhan 2022 for the Qur'an Family Quiz - a reading program that the school hosts every year.

SAIC is short for the South African Islamic Centre. It is an Islamic education centre in Dubai which runs a range of educational programs including Hifz, Maktab for children and has courses for Adults who are learning Arabic and Islamic studies. The centre is also famous for the revert effort as many new Muslims in Dubai take Shahada and study at the centre taking New Muslim Islamic Classes.

The winners took part in an Islamic Quiz which happens once a year in Ramadhan. The quiz is virtual and families take part daily for 30 days to win a series of prizes. The top prize was the 1 Dinar Islamic Coin - The Seal of Prophethood ﷺ won by Hafiz Ibrahim Zarar.

The Winners

Hafiz Ibrahim Zarar receiving the winning prize with the CTO of the Islamic Monetary Council - Khaleel Mughal.
Hafiz Ibrahim Haneef earning the second surprise coin - The Iqra Limited Edition - Collectors coin. The 2nd and 3rd winners did not know we would be donating Islamic Minted coins!
Hafiz Zakariya Zarar receiving the Silver Dirham Islamic Mint Coin - The Seal of the Prophethood ﷺ 

IMC - Islamic Monetary Council and Sunnah Currency Quick Presentation

Sunnah Currency in Dubai - Dinar and Dirham Partnership

This was our first school partnership and our first partnership in the UAE, Dubai. Sheikh Imraan Moosa and the Islamic Monetary Council, CTO Khaleel Mughal were very pleased with the results of the competition and the awards ceremony which was held in the Hilton Hotel in Al Barsha, Dubai.
Dubai is home to the DMCC -  Dubai Multi Commodities Centre which was established in 2002 by the Government of Dubai to provide the physical, market and financial infrastructure required to establish a hub for global commodities trade. Ahmed Bin Sulayem is the Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of DMCC.