KSA, UAE, Blockchains, NFTs, AI.. Tablon B2B Network

SunnahCurrency is excited to announce that our CTO, Khaleel Mughal, attended the Tablon B2B Dinner and Networking for Startups, Founders, and Investors in Dubai. It was an excellent opportunity for us to meet with other like-minded individuals and companies dedicated to promoting halal investments and Islamic finance.

The event was attended by a range of companies, including:

  • Danish Chotani, CEO of Burj Financial
  • Bruno Pegado, Owner and Founder of Pegado Cars
  • Mrinal Narain, Investments Management at Apparel Group
  • Ahmed Khan, Partner at Next Generation Corporate Services
  • Samer Makki, B1 Ventures
  • Alwyn Stephen, Founder of Luxent
  • Ivan Leshkevich, CEO of Mamboo
  • Jimi Ibrahim, Co-founder of OasisX, an online platform for NFTs
  • Hany Sayed, CIO of D&B Properties
  • Mohammed Jaffar, Co-founder and CEO of Yanzo

During the event, Khaleel led discussions on various topics, including NFTs, IslamicFinTech, and Islamic Finance, with Jimi Ibrahim of OasisX. He also discussed gold and silver finance around electronic cars and African car manufacturing with Bruno Pegado, the owner of Pegado Cars in Africa.

At SunnahCurrency, we're committed to providing the highest quality halal investments and Islamic finance solutions to our customers. That's why we're proud to use the Islamic Monetary Council's Tayyib TM certified scanner for gold and silver assaying. This technology allows our customers to see encrypted hologram QR codes that verify the purity of the metal on the blockchain via IMC.

We're also exploring options around NFTs and vault linkage with our physical bullion and dinar coins and dirham coins with blockchain and NFTs. Every gold dinar and silver coin is encrypted and matched with a unique hologram QR code, which is stored in the IMC database and blockchain. It is verified by a human and then applied to ensure the authenticity of the gold.

SunnahCurrency is focused on technology, especially IslamicTech, MuslimTech, and the new world of AI which is coming faster than expected.

AI (artificial intelligence), NFTs, and the world of blockchain are here. Together with our committed plans of expansion and centralization in the MENA region, we will be focusing on strategic and governance around AI. We are exploring new opportunities for growth and development in the region, particularly in BRICS and Saudi Arabia as new destinations and markets around gold and technology.

"I am an avid user of AI tools and Chat tools for automation. However, when it comes to Deen and Religious matters, we need to be wary of adoption and follow traditional methods of acceptance. This will allow the Muslim world to have governance and regulation on new technology as these bodies do not exist. There must be governance and adoption which come from the Muslim Tech community together rather than relying on Big Technology firms who do not have the same values and ethics that Islam has." - Khaleel Mughal

The UAE and KSA are essential partners for SunnahCurrency, and the company is dedicated to supporting their top leadership in driving innovation and growth in the Islamic finance industry. The company recognizes the importance of the UAE's Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and Dubai Goods Delivery in promoting the growth of the Islamic finance industry.

SunnahCurrency's attendance at the Tablon B2B Network in Dubai highlights the company's commitment to halal investments and its dedication to exploring new opportunities for growth and development. With its use of IMC tools for blockchain and focus on the MENA region, SunnahCurrency is well-positioned to drive innovation and growth in the Islamic finance industry, with the full support of the UAE and KSA leadership.